Private Health Ministerial Advisory Committee Work Plan

Page last updated: 07 October 2016

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Item no.Issues for considerationProposed startProposed finishWorking Group on this issue?Linkages
1.Product design, including Gold, Silver, Bronze, minimum standards, scope, excesses, application to hospital cover and general treatmentSeptember 2016February 2017NoItem nos 2, 3, 7 & 10
2.Standard clinical definitionsFebruary 2017July 2017YesItem nos 1 & 6
3.Improved value for rural consumersNovember 2016February 2017YesItem no. 1
4.Contracting, minimum default benefits and second tier default benefitsNovember 2016February 2017Yes
5Private patients in public hospitalsNovember 2016February 2017No
6.Information provisionDecember 2016March 2017YesItem no. 2
7.Premium settingDecember 2016March 2017No
8Out-of-pocket costsDecember 2016March 2017No
9.Risk equalisationApril 2017August 2017YesItem no. 1
10Broker transparencymid 2017end 2017Yes
11Other regulatory issues, including Lifetime Health Cover and Medicare Levy Surchargemid 2017end 2017Yes
12.Other funding models for general treatment servicesmid 2017end 2017YesItem no. 1

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